We have built a new meditation hall in Feb 2019, and renovate old meditation hall in Nov 2019. So, there are plenty of opportunity for a Dhamma seeker to practise meditation, either with the guidance from chief nuns or doing self-retreat.

Meditators can choose to do own Vipassana (Insight) meditation, metta (loving-kindness) or breathing meditation, or any other meditation as long as in line with Theravada Dhamma.

To cover the cost of operating this centre, we request meditators/yogis to donate some fund to us out of own free will.

Pali and Abhidhamma learning at Mahindrama Penang (2-8 April 2018)

Pali learning (morning time)

Students learn by analysing Pali sentences and giving English answers and presented to the other students.

Pali class with the students came out to show their homeworks. It does not matter if they make some mistakes because they will learn from them.

Abhidhamma learning  (night time)

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